Along with trained field service engineers and specialist, we are committed to supporting all of our clients and customers quickly and thoroughly. We also offer a range of support and services for legacy products to suit your needs. Please consult your salesperson for specific information.
  • Onsite field service & repair
  • Start-up, installation assistance
  • Emergency breakdown services
  • System optimization
  • Factory repair/ replacement
  • Manuals, brochures, catalogs drawings & software order
  • Support center


Sunnice offer services and solutions best suited to your industry-specific requirement. From manufacturing custom parts and accessories to product warranty extension – we will help your business meet and exceed its goals.
  • Trading, distribution & marketing
  • Quotation & supply
  • Custom parts & accessories
  • Engineering services
  • Product Demonstration
  • Measurements of electric energy(power consumption, efficiency, harmonics, voltage quality)
  • Quick & on-time delivery
  • Extended product warranty

The download center is your 24/7 source for product specific support information and installation guides. Here you will find comprehensive, accurate and updated resources including user manuals, drawings and softwares related to our products.

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